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Replace a conservatory roof with an Equinox lightweight warm roof system

Tile a conservatory roof
Equinox tiled roof on a conservatory

Job Description:

We’ve just replaced the roof on this conservatory. We completely removed the old polycarbonate roof and installed an Equinox warm roof system.

Equinox developed by Eurocell, is a solid and fully insulated tiled roof system that enables any occasionally-used conservatory to be transformed into all year round usable living space.

The conservatory was firstly surveyed by our qualified surveyor to check suitability of the existing foundations and structure. Once the customer had chosen their style and colour of the composite roof finish which was Moss Green, the Equinox roof was then made to order.

We put up scaffolding around the conservatory to enable us to safely access the roof. We then removed the old polycarbonate roof and installed the Equinox lightweight roof system which is 10 times more efficient than an A-rated windows.

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